Reworking some old products!

Starting with my first mesh ever, the TV, the first TV was kind of small, so I doubled the size, also I’m going to add built in speakers and stuff too 😀 take a look 😀

imagewoo 😀 it’s 194 Triangles! 😀


it’s almost done, this is the final design, just need to UV map it, paint a shading texture, and make a sample texture. 😀

I figured I would redo many of my products, because they are out of date now anyhow, next is making a mesh to be included with my tip jar script… then the vendor script next, and so-on.


New product for builders: Skateboard Mesh Kit

Skateboard Poster

FINALLY! a new product that is finished! FINALLY!….


This kit includes a mesh skateboard, a sample texture, the UV map and a shading map for all parts, it is full perm (read license).

You can also grab a demo to see what it is, or if you want the DAE file, to edit in blender,max, Maya, or any other 3D software, you can get it at the Source files link below.



Mesh Skateboard Kit Demo

Mesh Skateboard Kit

Source Files on Duuzo

The Second Life Experience: Why Size Matters

I agree with this 100%

slum magazine

By Cat Boccaccio.


I frequent a popular blues club and like to watch the parade of avatars: tall, thin, stocky, plump, natural, strange, sexy, playful. And as more and more avatars dial back on their height and proportions, as espoused by Penny Patton in her blog, I see a greater gap in heights than ever before. The man who never got the memo and is still well over 7’, dances with an SL woman (say, like me, under 6’) and her legs dangle unceremoniously, a foot off the floor. My own height in Second Life is usually about 5’ 9” or so and I feel dwarfed in almost any environment I enter in Second Life.

What difference does it make? Why can’t we be whatever size we damn well please?

Of course you can be any shape you want in SL. There are fairies and feys, hobbits and giants…

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Changes to my marketplace

I have retired the majority of my products in favor of making my store follow a theme, figured it’s time anyhow, most of ym stuff on there is ANCIENT! so, I have kept only the builder’s stuff, and will be redoing some of the builder’s stuff I pulled (such as the Yoyo kit) so i’ll post more news when that happens 😀

Want my source files? look here!

For those who want my mesh .DAE and .FBX files, I now sell them! from now on, when I make a mesh, they will be listed at, starting with my new Skateboard mesh kit,  mesh kits will have higher price than their marketplace versions, but that is because they are the source files, that you can edit in your own 3D software, then upload to SL again, in your own name!


my sources store is here:


New Project! Bear Hat

I have been working on a new bear hat, It will be a panda Hat! I will even make a Mesh kit! This bear hat is made to be easily textured, with full symmetry and all! This hat even has a hair face, so you won’t look bald! This is how the hat looks so far, work will be slow since I’m on a borrowed laptop, but it will be released soon! :D

The mesh kit will come with UV map, and mesh, not the panda texture, but you WILL be able to buy the panda hat alone as a wearable. :D

 The mesh is low tri and will be low impact when done.

The panda hat will be available copy/mod for L$150

The mesh kit will be available for $1000 with UV map and mesh object.

If you want to be sole owner of the mesh kit, and not have me list it, contact Akina Ansar before I list it with an offer (it will not be very cheap), if I accept, mesh kit will not be on market, you will get the .DAE file, 3D PSD and you will be only one with mesh kit, I will still release Panda hat, but nobody else can have kit.

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