License Info

~~~MELONopolis Builder Pack Use License~~~
You are allowed to:

  • Modify and use this product as a part of your own creations and sell them with copy OR transfer permissions.
  • Create a texture for this product and sell it as a standalone with copy OR transfer permissions.

You are not allowed to:

  • Distribute this product with both copy and transfer permissions.
  • Distribute this product as it is. Distribute or advertise this product using our name, logo, packaging or packaging textures.
  • Distribute or use this product outside of Second Life.*

‘Product’ is defined as every item that comes with the purchase, including the packaging and it’s contents.
‘Distribute’ is defined as any form of transfer or publishing, be it by print, copy, distribution, disclosure, selling or sharing.

Allowed Permission Combinations:
Modify/Copy/No Transfer
No Modify/Copy/No Transfer
Modify/No Copy/Transfer
No Modify/No Copy/Transfer

Dis-Allowed Permission Combinations:
No Modify/Copy/Transfer

*Source Files purchased at may be used in editing software, and used as backup, but must not be uploaded anywhere but the SecondLife Virtual world platform.

© Copyright 2014, Xiant Hax, MELONopolis. All rights reserved.


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