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more progress shots of shoes


Progress shots of texturing, still need to do the stitching and some alignment work, then the normal and spec maps.

The colorful shoes are showing the separate texturable faces of the shoes


New materials, soon to be in SL

I have been studying the new project viewer, and this image will pretty much sum up the new stuff.

New Shader test

This image shows the old SL shine, and bumpiness (top) regular SL texture with no extras (left) the new Specular Map (shine) and normal map (bump) applied to texture, and the bottom shows just the normal map, no texture, no shine.

This is in the new project materials viewer to try and play with, when the advanced shaders are disables, the new stuff will just look like a regular texture according to my tests.

also from what I’ve noticed, when playing with normal maps, if one is applied, it automatically puts a 51 to glossiness (one of the new attributes to shininess), and when trying to change it, sometimes it’ll shoot back, so probably a glitch that will soon be fixed.


The new texture tab in the build menu looks COMPLETELY different now too, it now has texture, media, normals(bump), and specular(shiny) in a dropdown menu, then you can select what to change. Seems to be kinda few too many extra steps, but I can see why it was done, especially on the small laptop screen I’m using atm. Overall though, I am very happy with the new feature, since it gives mesh creators just that much more detail without having to go higher triangle count (like some of the outfits I’ve seen lately) but instead have a full fabric texture, with normal map applied to have an extra next-gen, polished look to your outfits, especially when parametric deformers come out, outfits will be just about perfect… finally… lawl

Reworking some old products!

Starting with my first mesh ever, the TV, the first TV was kind of small, so I doubled the size, also I’m going to add built in speakers and stuff too 😀 take a look 😀

imagewoo 😀 it’s 194 Triangles! 😀


it’s almost done, this is the final design, just need to UV map it, paint a shading texture, and make a sample texture. 😀

I figured I would redo many of my products, because they are out of date now anyhow, next is making a mesh to be included with my tip jar script… then the vendor script next, and so-on.

New Project! Bear Hat

I have been working on a new bear hat, It will be a panda Hat! I will even make a Mesh kit! This bear hat is made to be easily textured, with full symmetry and all! This hat even has a hair face, so you won’t look bald! This is how the hat looks so far, work will be slow since I’m on a borrowed laptop, but it will be released soon! :D

The mesh kit will come with UV map, and mesh, not the panda texture, but you WILL be able to buy the panda hat alone as a wearable. :D

 The mesh is low tri and will be low impact when done.

The panda hat will be available copy/mod for L$150

The mesh kit will be available for $1000 with UV map and mesh object.

If you want to be sole owner of the mesh kit, and not have me list it, contact Akina Ansar before I list it with an offer (it will not be very cheap), if I accept, mesh kit will not be on market, you will get the .DAE file, 3D PSD and you will be only one with mesh kit, I will still release Panda hat, but nobody else can have kit.