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Kahoots Fox MOD

Kahoots Fox MOD

This is a new candy dipped tongue mod for the Kahoots fox, it has 8 colors total 1 un-dipped, and 7 candy dipped tongues of different flavors! check it out at our marketplace!


All new Mesh Television v.2 has been released!


Mesh TV Poster

This is the new Mesh TV, everyone that has purchased the old TV, has received this remake for free! If you haven’t gotten the TV, message me with the transaction number, and you will receive the update right away.

This TV is double the size of original, and 1 Land Impact, it also has same ability as original to have any texture on the screen face!

You can also buy the sources for the TV, including the actual mesh file, and a texture PSD!


Mesh Television Kit Demo

Mesh Television Kit

Source Files on Duuzo

New product for builders: Skateboard Mesh Kit

Skateboard Poster

FINALLY! a new product that is finished! FINALLY!….


This kit includes a mesh skateboard, a sample texture, the UV map and a shading map for all parts, it is full perm (read license).

You can also grab a demo to see what it is, or if you want the DAE file, to edit in blender,max, Maya, or any other 3D software, you can get it at the Source files link below.



Mesh Skateboard Kit Demo

Mesh Skateboard Kit

Source Files on Duuzo