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Changes to my marketplace

I have retired the majority of my products in favor of making my store follow a theme, figured it’s time anyhow, most of ym stuff on there is ANCIENT! so, I have kept only the builder’s stuff, and will be redoing some of the builder’s stuff I pulled (such as the Yoyo kit) so i’ll post more news when that happens 😀


Want my source files? look here!

For those who want my mesh .DAE and .FBX files, I now sell them! from now on, when I make a mesh, they will be listed at, starting with my new Skateboard mesh kit,  mesh kits will have higher price than their marketplace versions, but that is because they are the source files, that you can edit in your own 3D software, then upload to SL again, in your own name!


my sources store is here: