The Second Life Experience: Why Size Matters

I agree with this 100%

slum magazine

By Cat Boccaccio.


I frequent a popular blues club and like to watch the parade of avatars: tall, thin, stocky, plump, natural, strange, sexy, playful. And as more and more avatars dial back on their height and proportions, as espoused by Penny Patton in her blog, I see a greater gap in heights than ever before. The man who never got the memo and is still well over 7’, dances with an SL woman (say, like me, under 6’) and her legs dangle unceremoniously, a foot off the floor. My own height in Second Life is usually about 5’ 9” or so and I feel dwarfed in almost any environment I enter in Second Life.

What difference does it make? Why can’t we be whatever size we damn well please?

Of course you can be any shape you want in SL. There are fairies and feys, hobbits and giants…

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