New Project! Bear Hat

I have been working on a new bear hat, It will be a panda Hat! I will even make a Mesh kit! This bear hat is made to be easily textured, with full symmetry and all! This hat even has a hair face, so you won’t look bald! This is how the hat looks so far, work will be slow since I’m on a borrowed laptop, but it will be released soon! :D

The mesh kit will come with UV map, and mesh, not the panda texture, but you WILL be able to buy the panda hat alone as a wearable. :D

 The mesh is low tri and will be low impact when done.

The panda hat will be available copy/mod for L$150

The mesh kit will be available for $1000 with UV map and mesh object.

If you want to be sole owner of the mesh kit, and not have me list it, contact Akina Ansar before I list it with an offer (it will not be very cheap), if I accept, mesh kit will not be on market, you will get the .DAE file, 3D PSD and you will be only one with mesh kit, I will still release Panda hat, but nobody else can have kit.


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